Foods are important part in the time honored ritual of dating. So learning how to eat out properly during the first date is definitely time well spent.

Order Food You Can Eat with Fork and Spoon

Man and woman on a dinner dateForget about sandwiches, unless they are thin enough that you can use a spoon and fork. High-rise sandwiches and burgers are notorious for disintegrating disastrously when you lift them. Tacos often spill, sushi is rarely served in small sizes and dangling pizza cheese on your mouth won’t make you look attractive.

Avoid drinking

You should be very careful about alcohol consumption, especially if you have ever had alcohol addiction problem. You may argue that a few glasses can make you more relax. But, it’s often difficult to maintain moderation when you are nervous. Alcohol can be harmful in a first date, due to the following reasons:

  • Nervousness intensifies the negative effects of alcohol. So you will get drunk much faster.
  • Alcohol may disable your appetite control, so when a non-drinker is ready to pay the bill, you may be ready for another dessert.
  • Alcohol may narrow your perception and cause the tunnel vision effect. It might be hard for you to comprehend something when you have blurred perceptions.
  • Alcohol is a catalyst for superego, suddenly you are feeling, doing and saying things you’d never feel, do or say if you were sober.

If you are tipsy, you may eventually let your guard down, and that includes your sexual judgments. Chances are, you’ll say yes when you really want to say no

After setting up the alcohol speed bumps, you may indulge a little on calories in this special occasion.

Enjoy Your Meal

Often, men are more comfortable with women who eat reasonably, instead of with those who eat only a small plate of salad with very little dressing. There are some women that will fret about how much they are eating instead of simply enjoying the meal and company.

Reasonable eating behaviors send favorable signals. He will know that:

  • You have a sound psychological condition
  • You are not obsessed with body weight or anorexic.

Eating is a pleasurable, sensual experience and it is meant to be savored. Of course you shouldn’t make the first date as an excuse to throw calories to the wind, but you still need to enjoy yourself and let go enough to enjoy the colors, sounds, sights, smells, meals, conversation and of course, your date.

Tip well

Ten or twenty percent is generous enough. Sincere generosity is always attractive and misers never get the girl. Saving money is also attractive, but people who are tight with money may not be generous with self or time.

Mind your manners

You should be well mannered wherever you are. Nothing is a bigger turn off for your date than seeing food churning inside your open mouth. Don’t talk too loudly or be rude to waiters.

These are basic manners when eating in a restaurant.

  • Use your napkin
  • Talk softly
  • Be polite to everyone including waiters
  • Never let your mouth open when chewing