Dating a single mother isn’t like dating a regular single woman. Priorities have changed. Sure you can have a great fling with this woman, but is that what she wants? Asking the right questions and saying the right things are only the beginning. Man and woman playing with boyWhen dating a single mother you need to be prepared for much more. Consider this your first lesson.

Tip # 1: Stop Being a Player

It isn’t worth your time to act or be a player around a single mother. Most mothers aren’t stupid and can spot this from a mile away, don’t waste your time. Most single mothers are actively looking for a ring around their finger. So if you aren’t prepared to commit then drop the relationship.

Tip # 2: Stop Being Fake

Some men think they need to act a little different when dating. This isn’t going to be any good for you from the start. I recommend you don’t bother trying it. This can be a problem, especially when it comes to her children. Children are much more alert and they’ll spot your fake personality instantly. Be genuine with her and her children and you’ll see them reciprocate.

Tip # 3: Romance Her!

Women are always the same and the title of single mother doesn’t change anything. You need to romance her. A woman likes to be romanced so do it! Send her some flowers, or send her a text or email asking her how her day is going. Show her that you care and are genuinely interested in what she does during the day.

Tip # 4: Learn Flexibility

I will tell you this now. You need to learn to be flexible with her. When you have a date or a time to meet up it could change quickly. Visitation with their fathers, a doctors appointment, a child sick are just a few reasons things may change. She is a single mother and as a single mother she doesn’t have a lot of time for herself, and her responsibilities are doubled. If you can be a flexible guy you are one more step to getting closer to her.

Tip # 5: Expect To Have “The Talk”

Everyone wants something different when they first enter into the relationship. So expect to have The Talk much earlier when dating a single mother. She will want to know where your priorities lay and what you want out of the relationship, just like you will want to know the same. Knowing what each other want will save you a lot time and heartaches. It could even boost your relationship (if you both want the same thing).

Single mothers are women too, please keep that in mind. They have emotions, they desire things, but one thing that truly matters to them is their children. They will come first even during dating. So expect it and learn to integrate yourself into her life and not to take a piece of it. Good luck!